"Chef Gianni, I can't thank you enough for making our baby shower/birthday party such a success. The tapas and paella were excellent, the service impeccable. From your arrival to your departure, everything was as we discussed.  We'll definitely do this again in the future".

                                                                                                         Alina Valdes

“Thank you, ‘A touch of Spain’ and Chef Gianni for creating the best social event we ever had in our building.  It was magic watching the chef create such a magnificent dinner while having cocktails down by our sea wall.  You made the event effortless for us and memorable for all.  Thank you again for such a special evening”                                                                                                                                                                                                 Jac Venza


“Recently I hosted a dinner using the caterer  "Touch of Spain". Gianni and his wife were prompt and professional. The food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful. The dinner party was a huge success. I highly recommend their catering business.”

                                                                          Stacey Luck

“…quisieramos agradecerte una vez más port us atenciones del domingo. Tu trato muy cordial, tu presentación muy professional, y tu comida muy deliciosa.  De seguro te ganaste varios clients ese día. Gracias por todo”

                                                                          Dr. Gabriel and Claudia Camilo

“ I am just thrilled that you did my party. You made it really special and for that I thank you!"

                                                                          Youlande Moore

“Thanks a lot, Gianni! The quiche was a big hit @ my last function”

                                                                           Keisha Horn